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It is with great pleasure that I this morning received via post the package containing your new publication "The Tajwidi Qur'an." Jazakum Allah Khair. It is a tremendous thing, which Allah ta'ala is bound to Reward and Honor infinitely far beyond any words of praise I could offer.

Nonetheless, I do feel after reading through the explanation of the mode and purposes of this stupendous volume, that it instantly will be established as the Standard Edition for persons whose native language is English. Ma sha allah.

How fitting that the actual birth of this precious work coincided with the Sacred Month. May this be an auspicious note for the ultimate success of this book in reaching into the souls of the needful humanity.

May Allah Al-Hafiz use your efforts in conveying The Tajwidi Qur'an to reveal Himself to His Creation. May the Divine Beloved make you and your family His very own.


Hakim Moinuddin Chishti


a new translation and transliteration of the qur'an has been released for distribution. this work, having been completed after many long years of arduous labour, is a blessing on two fronts. firstly, the translation of the meaning of the qur'an is of superb quality; secondly, its transliteration is first rate, providing those muslims who can read latin characters with more accuracy than arabic letters with an excellent teaching aid.
hisham al- zoubeir


I must tell you, I have found such richness reading your Tajwidi Qur'an. I gave a copy to my Pakistani friends. When I came home, Faiza had left a phone message of thanks and told of how Salman loves the script and is reading it consistently. A copy also went to Muhabba as a wedding gift. She is the beloved who had recently married an east African man (he was the one who wanted to pray exactly at prayer time while you were here) Her eyes lit up when she realized what she had. I know I can speak for the others and thank you as well as your beloved for all the work it took to bring this book to completion. It is such a gift to us all.
Jamila Kosobayashi

I received the copy of the Qur'an and it takes my breathe away with its beauty and love I feel as I open the book...
Diane Jamila Lavin

The response to your translation in our community has been overwhelming. People loved it and have asked me to approach you for a Qur’an retreat….

Imam Mamadou Toure

I wanted to bring your attention to a new translation of the meanings of the Holy Quraan by Sheikh Nurudin Durkee, titled Tajwidi Qur’aan: a Translation of Some of the Meanings of the Qur’aan in 21st Century English. The fruit o 10 years of labor, this Qur’aan contains several features that make it unique, and, in my opinion, the best translation of the meanings of the Qur’aan in the English language. Those features include:
1. A full-page Arabic text with big letters easy to decipher to those not very fluent in Arabic.

2.   Transliteration of the verses in capital letters;





3. All rules of Tajweed applied in the transliteration, including the punctuation signs as well as the long and short vowels made distinct, each according to their proper pronunciation. For instance the fat-ha is rendered with one A, the Alif (AA) and the madda (AAA). 4.  

4. A close rendering of the meanings after consulting several already existing translations, in contemporary English as opposed to the archaic English used in most other translations.

5.   The above mentioned features, along with others (a full index, several texts explaining the punctuations, the rules of Tajweed, etc…) I believe make this work ideal for any student of the Holy Qur’aan, especially those of us still struggling with the Arabic.
As a collector and reviewer of Qur’aan translations in both French and English I feel very comfortable endorsing it as it is an excellent tool for the study of the Word of Allah. I also personally know Sheikh Nurudin Durkee and appreciate much his having dedicated his life to this work.
Imam Mamadou Toure

I will try to pass the word to more people, whenever I will get a chance to do so, and will let you know if they would like to order a copy of this great work. Please remember us in your Dua's. With best wishes, Zain Abedin, President, Islamic Studies and Research Organization
 Dear Friends -
Just a note to inform you that the Tajwidi Qur'an I ordered arrived safely ... and to tell you how impressed I am with it!
I am truly amazed by the meticulous detail that visibly went into every detail of its production.
Indeed, it is a mini-encyclopedia unto itself, and I can see myself referring to it constantly!
Peace and Abundant Blessings
Philip Miller

as-salaamu 'alaaykum, the qur'aan you sent has arrived! I thank Allah for this. The translation and transliteration are so helpful. I greatly enjoy reading and learning to recite this holy book. Thank you. wa-s-salaam -salim

As a serious student of learning, I have several transliterations of the Holy Qurían, and the ones I enjoy the most have accompanying commentary that for me, is helpful in deepening my understanding of the historical times and events in which each Surah was revealed in the course of Quranic revelation. Now, there is a new type of Qurían for which I do believe is a breath of fresh air among the transliterations, and that is the Tajwidi Qurían by Sheikh. Nooruddeen Durkee and the An-Noor Educational Foundation [] that has faithfully been put together as a ten-year labor of love, directed mostly at individuals, such as myself, who do not read Arabic and desire to have the pronunciation of the original texts and the understanding of some of their meanings as revealed all in one book. 
In addition, it is further replete with helpful charts, notes and an index that contains examples and explanations of the various signs, symbols and orthography that is in Arabic, but also in the transliterated and my native tongue, English, texts. I have always wanted to learn Tajwid, and now, I have everything in one book to facilitate my learning. This is one transliteration of the Qurían that I feel all Muslims should have, but even more so for us who are non-Arabic readers. The Arabic text for each Surah is large enough for one to be able to see the Arabic of the Qurían, as many versions are too small for some readers. It also contains notes on such topics as articulation of letters, three-lettered roots, Arabic letters and the Muqattaíat, notes on Divisions of the Qurían, and some Arabic terms that are difficult to translate and some English language equivalents.
The Tajwidi Qurían is a must for the 21st Century American English speakers, that contains the Arabic text, ensuring its purity of cohesiveness with the Quranic text, and one that stands apart as not just another Quríanic transliteration, but one that combines oneís ability to learn Tajweed, a form of speaking Quríanic text that brings tears to oneís eyes and a heart that fills with emotion in just hearing one word of the Quríanic in its Arabic revelation to the soul from the mercy and compassion of its giver, Allah (SWT). 
I highly recommend this transliteration of the Qurían as it has aspects to it that would appeal to non-Arabic speakers and Arabic speakers, alike, and serves as a true source for studying and pondering its meanings to strengthen our hearts, souls and spirits as pure Guidance to those who seek its hidden pearls within.
Sr. Saraj Pierson, Sisters Halaqa of Raleigh, Founder  3/26/04

As Salaamu Alaikum brothers, I just wanted to inform you that our good friend Shaykh Nooruddeen Durkee has a new Translation of the Quran produced with transliteration. I for one will get one to improve my own tajwid. Please check out his website regarding this rendering, you can find it on . The Shaykh does a lot of good dawah in the US as you know and we should support him in his efforts by telling other muslims about the site and this new rendering that has been produced. Please take care. Najib Abdul-Haqq

Thank you so much. Sumaya
Also, In the Tajwidi Qur'an, it's great to have the transliterations above the English, and have the Arabic so large. As I attempt to learn Arabic, and to pronounce it, I don't need a magnifying glass to see the Arabic letters clearly. I appreciate the clarity of the English, as well.

The strangeness goes on. I awoke very anxious. Not long after, a friend called to tell me that a brother we had visited in the hospital had finally passed away last night. When I heard this news I actually felt the anxiety lift, and I went downstairs and recited Ya Siin for him using the tajwidi Qur'an you have published. This is the first time I have ever managed to say Ya Siin for anyone because of concern that, working from the Arabic alone, I massacre the recitation. Thank you for bringing us a tool to make that recitation possible. Indeed this has even alleviated somewhat the more prolonged anxieties I carry about concerning the state of the larger world. I have long wondered how one spiritually resists the tragedies being visited upon the umma day after day; it occurred to me that, if I can finally recite Ya Siin, and even begin to memorize it, perhaps I can at least form the intention to recite it daily for the Iraqis and others who, we learn, disappear daily into untold dungeons and anaonymous morgues with no one to say Ya Siin for them. Perhaps this is a worthy practice.
Yusuf Walsh

This is a wonderful edition on this blessed book. I am blessed to be able to read it every day and am so grateful for the large Arabic print that is so much easier to read. As salaamu alaykum. Kirin Zehra

 In a message dated 8/19/04 5:35:22 AM Eastern Daylight Time, writes:





In the seventies I have met a Chishti pir in Ajmer. He often spoke about his mother. His mother and father had moved to Pakistan when India and Pakistan became independent nations, while the Chishti pir remained in Ajmer, close to his murshid. Because of the strained relationships between the two countries it was extremely difficult (or better said impossible) to him to visit his mother in later years. He often spoke about his mother. His mother in a gentle way introduced him to reading the Qur'an. She kindled a flame of love for the holy book in him.
During my second visit to Ajmer the Qur'an was introduced to me. The wife of the Chishti pir started my lessons, first by introducing me to the Arabic alphabet and slowly starting to use the Qur'an as instruction material later on. In due course we finished reading the entire Qur'an in Arabic. Reading the final part took place in some kind of ceremony at the chillah, the place of retreat of Khwaja Mo'inuddin Chishti, in Ajmer. There I had to read from the opened book of the Qur'an some selected parts at the end of the Qur'an.
During a later journey I was able to meet the mother of the Chishti pir. She lived in Karachi. As I could not speak Urdu it was difficult to tell her that in an indirect way she was responsible for my reading the Qur'an. She was happy to hear about her son and on my return to Ajmer I could tell about her to the Chishti pir. For many years he was not allowed by the Pakistani authorities to visit his mother. Then suddenly permission came, but when he met his mother she had become very old. The sad thing was that she that she was unable to recognize her son because of she had become demented.
Because of these and more emotional things the Qur'an has become my daily companion for many years. As I'm Dutch it is very helpful to me to receive some help in the proper pronunciation of the Arabic as by reading in the original language a greater intimacy with the word of God is possible. That is why for non-Arabs the recent publication by Sidi A. Nooruddeen Durkee is so useful. He has transliterated the Qur'an, so that everyone can recite it into Arabic. "The Tajwidi Qur'an" also contains the complete Arabic text which, because of its clear print, is very readable and, next to that, the meanings of the text are rendered in modern American English. In a lengthy introduction an explanation has been given, which is a help in the understanding of the Qur'anic orthography and Roman transliteration and which also deals with some Arabic terms that are difficult to translate.
Sidi A.N. Durkee explains by way of a personal note why he undertook this work. He intended, long ago, to learn to recite the Qur'an. He explains that he learnt the rudiments of Arabic in Mecca. Years later he found himself in the old city of Alexandria. One day he asked a friend if he knew anyone in the city who might teach him to recite the Qur'an. Some time later he meets a shaykh in this field who tells him to "begin from the beginning". He then explains: "The Angel Jibril, peace be upon him, taught the Prophet, blessings of Allah and peace be upon him, to read directly from his mouth to his ear; from his heart to his heart. This is the only way to learn. I read, you listen. You read, I listen and correct. You read again and again I correct until all is correct".
A personal teacher and you hearing him to pronounce the Qur'an, are thus indispensable in the authentic learning of how to read the holy book. The new publication with its Roman transliteration of the complete text of the Qur'an is of course a very useful tool in addition to the process of sama' (audition). It means that for those who are unacquainted with the original text new possibilities have arrived. You may also say that even today the Qur'an descends on people. As the project we are writing about, is a work of love, the text of the Qur'an may descend on our hearts.

THE TAJWIDI QUR'AN; transliterated by A. Nooruddeen Durkee with meanings rendered in early 21st century American English. The Arabic text is handwritten by Muhammad Shareef with tajweed orthography by Zafar Iqbal; An-Noor Educational Foundation;


Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem Dear Hajjah Noura, I have attached a file with English corrections to the Tajwidi Qur'an. I just saw this error on the Errata page of your website: "You may wish to include the printout by folding it an inserting it into the printing for clarity." an should be and This is a wonderful edition on this blessed book. I am blessed to be able to read it every day and am so grateful for the large Arabic print that is so much easier to read. As salaamu alaykum. Kirin Zehra

an internet friend sent this:
 Thank you for the (unintentional) reminder about gifts. I wish to thank you for your posting some weeks ago concerning the Tajwidi Qur'an. I sent for it shortly thereafter and it arrived last week. Not only is its content beautiful but so is its form.
With appreciation,

from Siraj in Holland
"When this Tajwidi Qur'an arrived in our house I have started to read it, but I was too enthusiastic about it as now Gulnar has taken it away from me to use it herself for her daily reading. One of its advantages is the easy to read font."

 I wanted to take this opportunity to express my gratitude for the teachings and educational materials that you are bringing to the hearts of so many of my fellow beloveds who came to this way through very (extraordinary) circumstances. My own story involves being diagnosed with a life threatening illness, and knowing in my heart, I needed to explore what I did not know, or understand about God, Love and what was possible through Him.
 Through my own personal walking/journey I was often times dismayed by others beliefs and opinions that didn’t ring true to my heart and still did not have my own foundation to stand upon (a recurring manifestation of my life before Allah).
 My heart wanted to share it’s joy, delight and gratitude for how you have opened new doors for me during this time in my walking. Thank you so much for making time available to teach and guide many of us even deeper into the Straight Path to our Beloved Allah.

Hello, I am writing in regards to The Tajwidi Qur'an (-- ISBN 1-879402-99-8). I am the departmental assistant for the DePaul University Islamic World Studies Program, and would like to order five (5) copies of The Tajwidi Qur'an. As a new program, we have just been made of aware of your Qur'an. We have examined the samples online and are very excited about using it in our classes.
Classes for us have already begun and it is imperative that we receive the books as soon as possible. If it is possible for you to invoice the Program, we would be most grateful. We will also be willing to pay for expedited shipping. Our address is:
Islamic World Studies Program DePaul University 2320 N Kenmore, SAC 568 Chicago, Illinois 60614
Please contact me at your earliest convenience so we can discuss our purchase of The Tajwidi Qur'an. Thank you very much.
Ian Petchenik Departmental Assistant Islamic World Studies Program DePaul University 773-325-4905


Dear Noorud-din and Noura,
I am just writing to say how I thank Allah for giving you the inspiration and blessing to write the Tawjeedi Quran. It is makes the reading of Quran for me so much clearer and it is such a blessing to read.
I will inshallah see you in Mitchigan, when Sidi comes, early June.
May Allah continue showering His Blessings upon you, inshallah.
Asalaam alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh Zahra

786 Thank you all for your beautiful efforts. We've all received a blessing. I can't use Acrobat at the moment, so please forgive if this has been found, in'shaalah: Suratu-t-Tin, pg 95, 07th ayat, English translation: two 'the', preceding the word 'Debt'. Love and selams Shirin

Dear Shaykh Nooruddeen: Assalaamu 'alaykum w.w. It was really great speaking to you again. Many of my friends are very impressed with the quality and utility of the Tajwidi Qur'an. i managed to purchase a few copies through a friend coming from USA and all the six copies were distributed to several people, two of them recent converts to Islaam. One of them who had speech defects was able to memorize 50 surahs in less than a month. That's amazing! He is 56 year old and according to him, 'there can never be any book better than your Tajwidi Qur'an to enable someone to read the Qur'an better and faster.' He had great difficulty trying to read the Qur'an even with a qualified Qaari but all changed within a month. This brother embraced Islaam just a year ago and wanted to read the Qur'an. He tried his hands on several books, including audio-visual aids but none worked so well as your wonderful Tajwidi Qur'an. He feels so great with it that he beliefs that he could memorize the entire Qur'an someday soon.
Prayerfully Mohamed Jaffar

Thanks for the information! This Quran has helped me tremendously with my learning of the arabic roots due to the large arabic print and the carefully matched transliteration and translation. The Imam who teaches me Quran is delighted with almost all of the translation compared to other versions (he is fussy!)

Dear Shaykh A.N. Durkee, Assalaamaualaykum wa rahamtullah. I am greatly benefiting from your Tajwidi Quran and I really find the Arabic text very easy to read. I want to acquire an Arabic text copy of this Quran (without the transliteration and other notes). Is this simple Arabic mushaf available for purchase? Please advise me. Wassalaamualaykum wa rahamtullah. Sincerely, Isa Martin

in the name of Allah, the Mercy-giving, the Merciful my dear Shaykh `Abdullah Noorudeen Durkee, salamun `alaykum wa rahmatullah wa barakatuh! Ramadan greetings to you and your household. i trust that, inshaa'Allah, you are doing well and enjoying all the blessings of this wonderful month of fasting. my purpose in writing these few lines to you concern my examination of sample materials displayed at your website on your Tajwidi Qur'an ... especially the transliteration and translation. moreover, i read most of the notes and related narratives, plus actual transliteration system, and i am indeed impressed beyond words. i have also studied the Eliasi transliteration; i had this book for many years, which you approvingly referred to in your acknowledgement. in addition, i am in possession of the "Tafsir of Juz' `Amma" prepared by Shaykh Muhammad Sa`id al-Jamal ar-Rifa`i as-Shadhuli, published by Sidi Muhammad Press, 2004. the noble Shaykh thanked you as follows: "... we wish to thank Shaykh A. Nooruddeen Durkee ... for allowing us to use the transliteration provided by him in the Tajwidi Qur'an..." now, here are comments regarding the Tajwidi Qur'an, as shown as the website:
first, may Allah (swt) bless you for producing such a grand work on the noble Qur'an, specifically for those of us whose native is not Arabic. this work is the most comprehensive and authoritative in existence today; i know this because my hobby is to collect and study "Qur'ans"--both, translation and transliteration. the transliteration of Tajwidi Qur'an is a significant improvement over the Eliasi version, due the several enhancements, including of correct pronunciation based on the rules of tajwid, in the Latin script and also in the Arabic Text. the layout of the both the Arabic text and the transliteration supplemented by the translation below, make for easy and addictive reading and convenient study.
my only problem with the Tajwidi Transliteration is this:
you utilize (probably for good reasons) the full uppercase Latin script; for me personally, this is the only defect in the book. as mentioned earlier, my study of the Juz' `Amma (Sidi Press) is much easier to read due to the lowercase arrangement than the "capitalized format." the lowercase lettering in my view is superior than the "all caps" version.
i kindly and sincerely suggest that you and your advisors study the matter of the capitalization of the Latin script further; it's tough on the eyes, and its harder to follow than the lowercase formulation.
i pray Allah, subhanahu wa ta`ala, to bless you and all those associated with you in the production of this great and magnificent work -- this magnus opus for non-Arabic speaking peoples the world over.
Ramadan greetings again,
wa salamu `alaykum wa rahmatullah
mohamad kazim yusuff  

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